In Rhode Island, we pride being the #SmallestStateBestState. We know that great things come in small packages. As the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, we know that small-scale productivity can be better than blowing money trying to find a silver bullet (just look at 38 Studios or “Cooler and Warmer”). In fact, with an independent streak so strong in our blood, we’d rather do our own thing than put all our eggs in one basket.

Our best places follow those traditions. Small, varied buildings. Forget huge highways and long commutes; give us a walk on Westminster Street downtown with Big Nazo or some RISD art project spicing up our day.

Strong Rhode Island is a place for people who like being in downtown Wakefield or Newport or Providence more than you like being stuck in traffic. Read our blog below, or catch one of our monthly City Drinks events at a downtown watering hole near you.


Doing the Math

One of the fundamental insights of the Strong Towns movement is that in the 20th century we built vastly more public infrastructure than our tax base can support long-term maintenance on. Too much of our shiny and new development is actually low value per acre and for the amount of public investment required to support it. …

What the Amazon Headquarters Beauty Contest can teach us about Economic Development

The economic development world is all abuzz with last week’s news that Amazon is courting cities for a second headquarters that will match their current, in Seattle, with 50,000 employees and over 8 million square feet of office space. To no one’s surprise, the State of Rhode Island has declared its intention to submit a …

City Drinks

City Drinks is a monthly gathering for anyone who cares about good places in Rhode Island. We meet to share ideas, build community, and advocate for creating even better places. No need to be a technical professional, we’re an open and welcoming community for all. Join us for open networking about urbanization, development, transportation, and other topics that affect the quality of life in Providence and Rhode Island.

Stay tuned for the next City Drinks event in September!